Category: Photography

  • Noise and Murmurs

    1 minute



    It’s a busy afternoon in Barcelona. A man is stretched out across a bench, mouth hanging open and eyes closed. People are passing by and most don’t even look his way, except for an old woman. Crouched over her cain, she approaches the man and quietly murmurs: “Son are you ok?”

    Noise and Murmurs
  • The Island of Creepy Dolls

    2 minutes



    There is an island south of Mexico City called Isla de las Munecas. This small island would not be unique if not for one strange circumstance: the island is the home of hundreds of creepy dolls hanging on the trees. Some dolls are missing limbs, and some are decapitated or have blank eyes. Why are…

    The Island of Creepy Dolls
  • Rafting on Zambezi (Water and Fire)

    4 minutes



    Part III Hama and I set up the tents a few hundred feet away from the river. Leonie sat on a stone and her gaze lay on the steaming horizon of the Zambezi Gorge. The evening sunlight shone on her face and arms in a way that I could only see her silhouette filled with…

    Rafting on Zambezi (Water and Fire)
  • Rafting on Zambezi (Life on the Edge)

    17 minutes



    Part II I arrived in Victoria Falls in the afternoon and took a taxi to my lodge, Mambo Backpackers. The lodge was located a five-minutes walk from the town center. The owner’s name was Mambo. He was a skinny, medium height man with his head clean shaven. As soon as he saw me, he smiled…

    Rafting on Zambezi (Life on the Edge)
  • Rafting on Zambezi (Leonie)

    6 minutes



    Part I I was at the Johannesburg airport waiting for my flight to Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe, where I planned to go on a three- day rafting trip on the Zambezi river. Even though I was excited about the adventure, I was also nervous. The Zambezi  hides many life-threatening dangers, including boulders hidden beneath ferocious waves.…

    Rafting on Zambezi (Leonie)
  • Pieces of a Shattered Past

    Can you imagine a cave man waking up in contemporary Hong Kong? What would be his first reaction? How can you describe his facial expression after he sees eight million people scattered in 426 square miles? What would be his reaction seeing the towering skyscrapers, fast trains, cars, ferries, bridges, and neon lights? How would…

    Pieces of a Shattered Past
  • A Day in Panama City

    10 minutes



    It was early morning at the Tocumen International Airport in Panama. I was on a layover waiting for my flight to Washington D.C. when I found out that my flight was canceled. Fuck! But hey, shit happens. I’ve seen many people bitching about flights any chance they get, but I’m not one of them. As…

    A Day in Panama City
  • Delaware

    Cape Henlopen State Park is a Delaware state park on 5,193 acres (2,102 ha) on Cape Henlopen in Sussex County, Delaware, in the United States. William Penn made the beaches of Cape Henlopen one of the first public lands established in what has become the United States in 1682 with the declaration that Cape Henlopen would be for “the usage of the citizens of Lewes and Sussex County.”…


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