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  • Tsamai People

    2 minutes



    Ephrem and I drove from Konso to Jinka. On our way we passed fields of sorghum, cotton, and millet. That was already land of the Tsamai people. Ephrem already knew that I was interested in exploring the area. He suggested to make a stop and have a late lunch in the town Weyto. I agreed. We stopped at…

    Tsamai People
  • A Day in Panama City

    10 minutes



    It was early morning at the Tocumen International Airport in Panama. I was on a layover waiting for my flight to Washington D.C. when I found out that my flight was canceled. Fuck! But hey, shit happens. I’ve seen many people bitching about flights any chance they get, but I’m not one of them. As…

    A Day in Panama City
  • Daasanach People

    3 minutes



    I sat in a small coffee shop in Turmi, a village in south-western Ethiopia. I was chatting with my guide Ephrem and enjoying a freshly brewed cup of the local Ethiopian coffee. Ephrem was constantly talking and joking with other visitors at the coffee shop. I didn’t understand a word Amharic and couldn’t tell what…

    Daasanach People
  • Laura

    9 minutes



    The sun was setting over Underberg, a small cattle farming community in the Mzimkulu River valley of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. The sun was almost surreal, like a giant ball of fire drifting slowly below the horizon. I was sitting beside a pool drinking Spier Pinotage, planning my hike in the Drakensberg mountains, the highest mountain range in South Africa.…


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