Tag: Africa

  • Shaman from Lesotho

    3 minutes



    “I was born in Lesotho. I’m the fourth child in my family. I’m the youngest and I have three older sisters. When I was born my father was bitten with a stick. It’s tradition and symbolizes the birth of a warrior in the family. My father was very happy to have a son after three…

    Shaman from Lesotho
  • Tsamai People

    2 minutes



    Ephrem and I drove from Konso to Jinka. On our way we passed fields of sorghum, cotton, and millet. That was already land of the Tsamai people. Ephrem already knew that I was interested in exploring the area. He suggested to make a stop and have a late lunch in the town Weyto. I agreed. We stopped at…

    Tsamai People
  • Mursi People

    4 minutes



    It was late afternoon when we arrived in a market town, Jinka, in southern Ethiopia. I wanted to visit a Mursi village right away and asked Ephrem whether we could do that. He was hesitant. He said that perhaps it was not a good idea to do it so late in the day. We would have to drive for a while on a dirt…

    Mursi People

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